Saturday, August 23, 2014

Post #1

Post #1:

I chose this FYS because of my fascination with Fairy Tales and the hidden symbolism which underlies the stories. I am interested in Walt Disney’s interpretations on the morbid tales of the Brothers Grimm and why he chose to portray the stories in such a way. I am curious how the different era’s for which they were rewritten affected how the story was told to the intended audiences. I hope to accomplish a better understanding of the different literary elements and “isms,” in the stories and how they each apply. I love breaking apart stories to deeper analyze what elements are incorporated whether is being feminism, aestheticism, ect…  My favorite fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm is Little Red Riding Hood. I grew up being read the story by my grandmother who loved all Brothers Grimm tales. The Grimm’s original story differs so much from today’s modern take on the fairy tale, but I enjoy that it does not censor out morbid descriptions for children as most do today. Their story tells how although the grandmother was eaten, she and Little Red made a comeback by stuffing rocks in his belly and throwing him into the river as their revenge. I appreciate the Brothers Grimm unique take on fairy tales being more morbid and not necessarily having a “happily ever after” ending. I am looking forward to this FYS (seriously I’m looking forward to this class the most) and cannot wait to learn about the different interpretations on the Brothers Grimm and Walt Disney.