Thursday, October 2, 2014

Blog Reviews

I really enjoy the blog “In the Realm of Today.” This blog is my favorite for a multitude of reasons. For starters, the presentation and set up of the page is flawless. Every posts title is creative, includes pictures, and is organized so the viewer can easily follow the posts. Each post is detailed and covers all aspects of the question that was originally asked by Dr. Esa. The posts are organized and include specific examples from different fairy tales to back up the person’s opinion. Although I loved every post from this blog, especially the one titled “mirror, mirror…” because of its word choice and attention to detail, one of my favorite posts came from the blog Polyvore created by Emily. Her blog is also unique and eye catching in its presentation. I enjoyed her perspective on the post about rags to riches. She talks about how the tale Cinderella gave readers hope of finding their own prince and marrying into wealth and a happy life. She explains that in Cinderella, the real wealth was not the money but instead his never ending love for the Princess. She concludes with the statement that most will rise to riches through struggles and dedication which is a motif found in the real world. The blog I felt could use the most improvement was simply titled, FYS from Grimm to Disney. The page is a very neutral, dark color that includes no pictures of the fairy tales. The posts are all very short and contain less details than most of the other class blog posts. Although, all of the information is accurate, the posts could use a little more details from the fairy tales to back up their reasoning.

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