Sunday, November 23, 2014

A New Side of Rapunzel

Liza Donnelly is a contract cartoonist for The New Yorker. -

The comic deals with the maturity of Rapunzel, which is the theme in the Grimm fairy tale. The Grimm tale deals with the maturation process of Rapunzel throughout her journey. Rapunzel is portrayed as being young and na├»ve, locked in a tower, sealed from the real world. Rapunzel’s first step into maturity was living without her parents, yet her hair was still long which symbolizes youth and innocence. Although, when Rapunzel attempts to experience the real world and take another step toward maturity by talking to the Prince, she is punished by Mother Gothel, who cuts off her hair. Rapunzel’s hair being short represents her movement into maturity, which correlates with her being abounded on her own in the desert with two children. The comic represents Rapunzel maturing on her own terms, no longer needing to depend on a Prince. 

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