Saturday, November 1, 2014

Different Interpretations of Little Red

The comic I selected portrays Little Red as an older, more mature women. The comic takes the Bettelheim point of view that Little Red is sexually promiscuous since in many versions of the story she is described to willingly take off her clothes and get into bed with the wolf. Little Red is shown to be hitting on the wolves, not realizing that they are dangerous. In the Grimm version, Little Red talks to the wolf because she is too naïve to realize how dangerous they are. Different versions of Little Red describe her to be attracted to the wolf, as if the wolf were the father figure she seeks. The comic describes Little Red to be more mature, openly showing her sexually eagerness while drinking wine and wearing a short red dress. This comic identifies with the ideals that Little Red was sexually promiscuous towards the wolf.  

Artist: Guy & Rodd

                This cartoon shows Little Red as being more intellectually mature, unlike in the Grimm Tale where she is a naive little girl. In the story “Little Red Cap,” Little Red is shown to be innocent and naïve to her surroundings. She willingly talks to a wolf and is unaware that the beast is impersonating her grandmother, which any person with average intelligence could have noticed. This comic shows Little Red as being more sophisticated and calling the wolf out for not being her grandmother. The comic pokes fun at the original tale of how foolish Little Red cap was for not knowing the wolf was in a disguise. The comic shows a Little Red who knows right from wrong and is smart enough to tell the difference between a dangerous wolf and her grandmother. 

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